We connect people to EV charging stations, efficiently

Chargerzilla is the leading AI-powered Community-Centric EV Charging location search and booking platform that allows home and commercial property owners to rent out their EV charging facilities to EV owners. Our mission is to increase the number of reliable charging stations near users, thereby boosting EV adoption, decarbonization, and protecting the environment.


EV chargers

Chargerzilla stands as the extensive nationwide network of EV chargepoints, primarily under the ownership of EV charging station providers, private individuals, and businesses, all available for reservation by EV owners.

Furthermore, our platform empowers you with the ability to explore not only public chargers but also private charging stations situated within private apartment communities, malls, corporate offices, and government facilities.


EV chargers

Empower and help the EV community by making the EV charging that is available, affordable and thus protect our environment.


EV chargers

We care about our Customers, Employees, Community, and Environment.

Our Story

Chargerzilla was founded in 2022 by founders who were fortunate to find a homeowner who allowed them to re-charge their electric vehicle when public charging stations in the area were not in working order. Since then, the company has grown to become the largest search platform with over 100,000 charging stations, including Tesla superchargers and DC fast chargers, while also empowering home and commercial property owners to generate income and help the EV community. The company is in the process of raising funds to enter the next stage of growth.

A dependable platform become critical when public charging stations are unavailable.  So we provide a safety net for our EV community connecting to Residential chargers and private chargers that are available in your neighborhood.

We give the EV community the ability to share and search for chargers in their neighborhoods and collaborate to help EV drivers. This increases the availability of chargers, speeds up the adoption of electric vehicles, creates jobs and business opportunities in rural areas, and protects the environment and combats climate change.


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