Chargerzilla launches the platform for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Residential and commercial properties to Wipe Out Charging Deserts


The company’s new platform enables property owners to generate income and ROI of their EV charging installation by registering on the platform and serve as charging stations for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles (EV) have proven to be of more benefit to the environment than conventional gas-powered ones.  In addition, electric vehicles do not make as much noise as conventional vehicles and so drastically reduce the rate of noise pollution in communities. However, the efficiency and availability of fast-charging stations for these vehicles have remained a challenge to be surmounted. Fortunately, Chargerzilla is rising to the occasion to make the aforementioned challenge a thing of the past.

Chargerzilla is building the largest residential charging hosting network by allowing home and commercial property owners to Become a Host for Electric Vehicle Charging stations by register their chargers on the site, thus making it easily accessible and bookable for the public. This is in addition to users being able to search public charging stations including Tesla super chargers and fast chargers provided by almost all charging station companies. What’s more, these property owners can list and add the details of their charger, set pricing, make schedules of availability and publish the information for the electric vehicle owners who can then book the charging facilities near their location. All these become available using a simple search ‘EV charging stations near me’.

On Chargerzilla, any electric vehicle owner can search charging stations at residences, register in the site and log in to send booking requests to nearby residential or commercial property owner who has registered as the charging facility host. Charging facility hosts can then connect easily with electric vehicle owners as the online platform handles communication, booking, and payments between both parties quickly and simply. Through this process, a Tesla owner, for example, can see electric vehicle charging stations by searching for ‘Charging stations for Tesla’ and be directed to residences and properties that accept and send booking requests, displaying all public and fast charging stations in the area.

Chargerzilla’s model of operation benefits a lot to the EV community, primarily, it ensures that electric vehicle owners are assured of charging their vehicles in a functioning and hospitable environment throughout the secure network of residential, commercial and event rural locations across the United States. Most residences and properties provide additional services such as WiFi, lounge access where customers can do work or entertain themselves with TV, Netflix or have a coffee while their vehicle is charging, unlike that in a public electric vehicle charging station. Furthermore, registering at Chargerzilla as a host offering their charging facility offers free host to host charging on periodic basis and special offers from partnering organizations. Chargerzilla has forged partnerships with electric vehicle charging companies, environmental coalitions, and associations in the United States and Canada to bridge the gap between electric vehicle owners and commercial or residential property owners with charging facilities.

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About Chargezilla

Chargerzilla was founded in the early 2022 in the United States, when founders  who are proud electric vehicle owners were fortunate  to find a home owner who let them re-charge their electric vehicle when public charging stations in the area were not in working condition, and has since then, Chargerzilla provides largest search platform with more than 65,000 charging stations which include public chargers, Tesla superchargers, DC Fast chargers, and adding to this empowering home and commercial property owners to rent their charging stations to public and help the EV community while generating income.



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Company name: Chargerzilla, Inc

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Search EV chargers from all EV charging companies, Chargerzilla helps EV owners find a charge point near home, on a journey, or at a destination. We mobilize home, business and destination charge point owners to promote, share, manage and monetize their charging facilities.

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