28 million Electric Vehicles (EV) will be on the roads by 2030 and 12 million charging stations will be required.  Public charging stations are not going to meet the demand.  So gap can be filled by opening up charging stations at residences, private properties, apartment communities, hotels, malls and such.


Chargerzilla allows residential and commercial property owners to rent out their EV charging facilities to EV owners in order to generate income for the hosts and increase the number of chargers near home, work, and on road trips. Chargerzilla operates on the  ‘AirbnB for EV charger sharing’ model.

Additionally, Chargerzilla has the capacity to find charging stations from all charging service providers, including Tesla super chargers.


Every day, hundreds of Tesla and electric vehicle customers use Chargerzilla to find and reserve EV charging stations. The company has begun to generate income and has also discovered a number of potential revenue streams.

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Please access the investor pitch here: Chargerzilla Investor Pitch


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