Why Choose HomeChargeHub

Whether you own an Electric Vehicle or not, you can still install a EV Charger and share in our network for those who are in need of charging their electric vehicle. For the user, we provide the largest network of chargers that include Public chargers, Private chargers and Residential chargers which cover 96% of the United States.

Booking Made Easy

HomeChargeHub is equipped with great tools needed for you to make your booking easier, view your reservations and transactions. So if you are a Host sharing your charger or Guest booking a charger near your home or work, we help you with a easier process.

Helping local communities

We’re establishing and growing local communities of HomeChargeHub Hosts, enabling people in their immediate locality to charge electric vehicles. So we accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption, by enabling people who cannot charge a vehicle at home, to do so within quick walking distance of their home.

How To Become a HomeChargeHub Host

1. List Your Place

Register/Sign up as a Host and Add your Listing providing the details of your charger. Receive quick approval, then be in our network.  You can provide your prices, hours of your availability with specific date and time in our site which help the EV customer to reserve your charger as per your availability.  

We will be contacting you further to explain the process and providing any assistance. 

2. Welcome Your Guests

You will receive notification in your email and in your HomeChargeHub account if you receive any booking requests from the electric vehicle owners for charging their car.  You are able to accept or decline any reservation requests. 

3. Earn Money

We help you earn money by sharing your charger as per your availability.  Our hosts provide good services to the customer, whether it is a great smile, a bottle of water, Free Wi-Fi for the guests, and to list many, for attracting more customers.

Receive good reviews on providing best experience and receive more bookings!  So more $$$$ for you! 

Keep Everything Under Control

Listing Management

You can add, edit and even disable listing as per your availability.  We also provide ability to change prices during the week or weekends or any day as per demand.  

Booking System

We provide the best booking system for the charger host and the guest who  need to charge their EV. Sign up and test drive our system to test the features.

Prices and Fees

Set prices and fees based on your area, electricity costs, and your expenses. Also compare the prices of other hosts who provide additional services and great experience to the customer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have made it a simpler process, Register as a Host and create your profile. Then go to your profile and  click’ Add New Listing’. Complete the necessary steps uploading a photo of your charger.  More photos will help the those in need of charging to prefer your listing to book. 

Once your profile has been completed in full, submitted, verified and approved, you may add your bank account information to process payments. We use third party gateways which are leading the industry,  Stripe and PayPal for processing.  At this time, guests are able to pay using cash when they arrive for charging at the scheduled time.

If your listing has been complete with photos and profile is 100%, you may request to Feature your listing upon submission. We are also here to support you in this regard. 

Refund requested will be processed if services has not been provided by the charger host. However, feel free to contact us for any assistance.

You can starting hosting if you own an electric vehicle or not. You need only an electric vehicle charging installation, a great smile, and willingness to meet new people and make friends. 

You may contact the guest and host using ‘ contact ‘ button and submit your message. It will arrive in your email Inbox. P

You may set the amount to be transferred to your bank account if your amount earned exceed minimum amount that set by you and HomeChargeHub rg. $100.00 

Each host has set policy about cancellation. Please look at the policies before sending a reservation request. You may also contact host for rescheduling without causing any inconvenience for both the parties. 

List Your Space

Be part of the growing EV Charger hosting network. Earn money at your convenience by helping EV owner community for faster adoption of Electric vehicles and to protect the environment.


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