Become an EV charging host

Whether you’re a homeowner or manage a commercial property, Chargerzilla empowers you to easily rent out your EV charging facility.  

Register and complete your profile as an EV charger host, set your pricing and availability to host EV owners who are looking to charge their vehicles.

Register as a EV guest and complete your profile to search for EV charging stations and book private chargers located at various homes and commercial properties throughout the United States and Canada.

We’re thrilled to introduce upcoming membership perks, including complimentary host-to-host charging, the Chargerzilla Pass, free access to superchargers and fast chargers, and more. Stay tuned for these exciting features!

Income potential for Home EV charger host

Income potential for Commercial EV charger host

income generated commercial

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Income potential for Home EV charger host

Income potential for Commercial EV charger host

income generated commercial

How to become a Chargerzilla host

1. Add your property's EV Charger

Join us as a host by registering an account. Add your listing by furnishing charger details.  Showcase your pricing, availability – including specific dates and times – on our platform, aiding EV users in locating and reserving your charger as per your schedule.
As a renter, you can register and search for private chargers to book.

2. Welcome your EV Owner guests at your will

EV owners seeking to charge their vehicles can send booking requests aligned with your preferred time slots. You’ll be promptly notified of these requests through email and the Chargerzilla dashboard. With these notifications, you have the option to accept or decline any incoming booking inquiries.

3. Generate income

By listing your charging facility with us, you’re positioning it to attract traffic and attention from EV owners to generate income.
A warm smile, complimentary amenities like water or free Wi-Fi can go a long way in enticing bookings from EV owners.
Elevate your profile with positive reviews and increased bookings by delivering an exceptional customer experience. This translates to more earnings for you.

Keep Everything Under Control

Listing Management

Feel free to manage your listings according to your availability. You have the flexibility to add, edit, or temporarily disable listings. Moreover, we offer you the option to adjust prices at your convenience, whether it's a personal preference or in response to market demand.

Booking System

Experience the ultimate booking system designed for charger hosts and EV owners in need of a recharge. Join us by signing up today and take our system for a test drive. Explore its features and capabilities firsthand.

Prices and Fees

Customize your prices and fees to align with your local area, electricity expenses, and operational costs. Take advantage of the opportunity to compare your rates with those of other hosts who offer supplementary services and exceptional customer experiences.

Help us build the EV community that help each other

Be part of the growing EV Charger hosting network. Earn money at your convenience by helping EV owner community for faster adoption of Electric vehicles and to protect the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have made it a simpler process, Register as a Host and create your profile. Then go to your profile and  click ‘Add New Listing’. Complete the necessary steps uploading a photo of your charger.  More photos will help those in need of charging to prefer your listing to book. 

Once your profile has been completed in full, submitted, verified and approved, you may add your bank account information to process payments. We use industry’s leading Stripe and Paypal gateways for payment processing.  

If your listing has been complete with photos and profile is 100%, you may request to Feature your listing upon submission. We are also here to support you in this regard. 

Refund requested will be processed if services has not been provided by the charger host. However, feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Any home and commercial property owner can be an EV charger host, even if you don’t own an EV. You may call a qualified electrician to do the installation.

You may be able to contact the host or guest after reservation has been made. Address of the EV charger host will be visible after reservation has been made. 

You may set the amount to be transferred to your bank account if your amount earned exceed minimum amount of $10.00 

Each host has set policy about cancellation. Please look at the policies before sending a reservation request. You may also contact host for rescheduling without causing any inconvenience for both the parties. 


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