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12 million EV charging stations will be required in 2030 – Download the report

EEI Projects need for 12 million charging stations for Electric Vehicles that will be on the U.S. Roads in 2030 EEI has released an update to its Electric Vehicle Sales and the Charging Infrastructure Required Through 2030 report. Originally released in 2018 with the Institute for Electric Innovation, the updated report details new insights into the coming […]

Chargerzilla launches the platform for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Residential and commercial properties to Wipe Out Charging Deserts

The company’s new platform enables property owners to generate income and ROI of their EV charging installation by registering on the platform and serve as charging stations for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles (EV) have proven to be of more benefit to the environment than conventional gas-powered ones.  In addition, electric vehicles do not make as […]


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